Vasyl Vavrychuk

Position: Associate Professor, Computational Mathematics Department

Scientific degree: Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Research interests

Numerical solution of initial boundary value problems for differential equations.



  1. Chapko R.. S. Recovering boundary data in planar heat conduction using a boundary integral equation / Chapko R.. S., B. T. Johansson and V. Vavrychuk // Electronic Journal of Boundary Elements. 2010. 15 c.
  2. Chapko R. A projected iterative method based on integral equations for inverse heat conduction in domains with a cut / R. Chapko, B. T. Johansson, V. Vavrychuk // Inverse Problems. – 2013. – Vol. 29, no. 6. – P.1-17.
  3. Chapko R., Johansson B. T., Vavrychuk V. Numerical solution of parabolic Cauchy problems in planar corner domains // Mathematics and Computers in Simulation. – 2014. – Vol. 101. – P.1-12.



2013 Candidate of Science (comparable to the Academic Degree of Doctor of Philosophy), 01.01.07 – Computational Mathematics
2008-2011 Ivan Franko National University of  Lviv. Postgraduate student of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics.

Thesis topic: Iterative methods based on integral equations for numerical solution of a Cauchy problem for the parabolic equation (01.01.07 – Computational Mathematics).

Scientific adviser: Prof. Dr. Roman Chapko

2003-2008 Ivan Franko National University of  Lviv.Master’s Degree, Applied mathematics