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Student Government organizes entertainment and promotes education for students of the faculty.

Leisure activities:

  • Organization of professional holiday of applied sciences specialist and programmer.
  • Intellectual and cognitive quests.
  • Competition “Miss and Mister of the faculty”.
  • Championship and cup of futsal.
  • Competitions on different sports (table tennis, bike competition).
  • Organization of musical evenings, during which, students play guitar and sing popular Ukrainian songs
  • Creation of necessary conditions for living and rest.
  • Recreation of students

Scientific activities:

  • Organization of students’ scientific conferences.
  • Organizationof lectures and seminars on programming.
  • Cooperation with student organizations on scientific projects.
  • Trainingson memory and logic development.



Student scholarships for women from Ukraine

26.04.2022 | 13:35

ECCEDU, in cooperation with Dataiku, offers a special scholarship to female refugees from Ukraine to join our IT summer program in Prague. The scholarship aims to help the women during these challenging times, not only to learn about technology and AI but also to gain adequate expertise in the field to be granted a work opportunity after finishing the program.
The summer program consists of two parts:
– 3 weeks of lectures delivered by business and IT professionals in Prague
– 4 weeks...

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Protection of masters – participants of the double diploma program InterMaths

02.06.2021 | 16:22

The next defense of masters – participants of the double diploma program InterMaths
took place between Ivan Franko National University of Lviv and the University of L’Aquila (Italy)
Four foreign students presented their works, which were evaluated by good and excellent marks by a joint commission of two universities chaired by Professor V.V. Mykhaskiv.

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