Joint Master’s programmes

The Cooperation Agreement between Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (LNU) and University of L’Aquila (Italy) (UAQ) establishes the Joint Master Programme in the field of Interdisciplinary and Applied Mathematics. According to the Programme, the student studies two years in the both universities (one year each) based on the credit transfer system. Upon the graduation the student obtains two Master Diplomas. The master students in LNU “Applied Mathematics” can participate in the Programme.

The list of the courses given at UAQ can be found at
Classes are in English.

Italian side can cover the expenses of the participants.
During 2018-2019 year the Italian side can provide
– free accommodation;
– free lunches at university canteen;
– 300 € monthly scholarship.
The best students can receive the 850 €/month scholarship for 10 months.

The Faculty announces the details of the application process in February-March.
The joint executive committee evaluates the submitted applications and determines the list of eligible students.