Ivan Dyyak

Position: Dean of Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics, Professor, Applied Mathematics Department

Scientific degree: Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Academic status: Professor

Phone (office): (032) 239-41-86

Email: ivan.dyyak@lnu.edu.ua

Google Scholar profile: scholar.google.com.ua

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Research interests

Numerical modeling of initial boundary value problems of mathematician physics;
Object-oriented implementation of coupled finite-boundary element approximations;
Adaptive and parallel numerical schemes of finite-boundary element analysis;
Design and implementation of databases.


The scientific advisor of five PhD’s theses:

Makar V.M. “Mathematical modeling of mechanical oscillatory processes in power semiconductor devices based on the finite element method”, 01.05.02; 1999.
Golovach N.P. “Hybrid Boundary-finite-element approximation for modeling processes thermoelasticity”, 01.05.02; 2000.
Makar I.G. “The Construct of the combined methods of boundary and finite element simulation for the modelling of deformation processes in heterogeneous environments”, 01.05.02; 2009.
Prokopyshyn I.I. “Domain decom¬position schemes on the basis of the penalty method for contact prob¬lems of elastic bodies”, 01.05.02; 2010.
Yashchuk Y.O. “Computer modeling of elasticity problems based on the new h-adaptive scheme”, 01.05.02; 2014.



More than 170 scientific and educational publications, among them:


1958 – Born in Koropets, Ternopil reg.

2012 – Scientific fellowship at the Wien University of Technology( Prof. H.Mang).
2008 –  Scientific fellowship at Warsaw University (Prof. S. Matysiak)
2005 – Scientific fellowship at State University of Delaware (Dover)
1995 –  Soros Associate Professor
1991 – Associate Professor
1989 – Scientific fellowship at Technical University of Brno.(Prof. M. Zlamal);
1984 – Ph D dissertation “High-precision finite element method for problems of thermoelasticity”;
1979 – 1982 – PhD program of Applied Mathematics in Ivan Franko State University of Lviv
1974 – 1989 – studied at Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics in Ivan Franko State University of Lviv;
1964 – 1974 – studied at school Zalozhtsi, Ternopil reg.

2015 – present – Dean of Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics;
2014-2015 – Head of Department of Applied Mathematics;
2008-2014 – Depute Executive Secretary of the Admissions Committee;
1991-present – Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics Department;
1982-1989 – Engineer – Senior Researcher of Research Laboratory of  Lviv University.