R0boCamp 2016 – robotics, 3D printers, microcontrollers and anyone interested in “smart” technology

25.05.2016 | 18:31

R0boCamp 2016 is an event for fans of robotics, 3D printers, microcontrollers and anyone interested in “smart” technology. It will take place on June 18, 2016 in Lviv.

R0boCamp will bring together about 250 participants from all over Ukraine. Founders of the known startups, industry experts with significant experience in hardware, embedded programming developers, designers, investors, hardware accelerators and incubators will be speakers at the conference.

The exhibition of new technologies R0boCamp Expo 2016 will be a part of the event. If you have a technological invention, created own drone, 3D printer, project that matches a Smart City / Connected Home, you have the opportunity to present them at the exhibition R0boCamp Expo 2016.

For more information, please, visit the following website:



The organizer of event is Lemberg Tech Business School (Lviv Startup Club) – a company with 7 years of experience in holding successful conferences such as:  GameDev Conference, Mobile Development Day, PMDay, LIOF, StartupGarden and others.

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