Hope Assistantship for Ukrainian students (National Taipei University, Taiwan)

22.09.2022 | 17:12
Dear Sir and Madam,

Warmest greetings from National Taipei University (NTPU), Taiwan.

I’m Hannah Wang, the project coordinator from the Division of International Education and Engagement, the Office of International Affairs. I am writing regarding NTPU’s Hope Assistantship for Ukrainian students. We kindly ask you to forward the information to students interested in applying for our Hope Assistantship.


We are sorry to hear about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and we know numerous people are suffering from the scourge of war. NTPU is standing by you and is willing to make every effort to help people in need and deliver humanitarian aid. Students who cannot finish or continue school in Ukraine would be eligible for our assistantship. We offer 50 admission places, and each student would be exempted from tuition fees, miscellaneous fees, and on-campus dormitory fees, and receive NT$150,000 per year (including living expenses and other allowance). For more details, please refer to our website: https://reurl.cc/5p3N2n

Education should not be interrupted by war or pandemics. We do hope our assistance can mean something to you. If you are interested in our assistantship, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to explain the details by mail or schedule an online meeting with you at your earliest convenience. We are with you all the time. Please feel free to let us know what kind of resources you need.

We sincerely welcome all Ukrainian students to apply to our Ph.D. program in the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (https://reurl.cc/8pVozX) and master’s program in the International College of Sustainability Innovations (https://reurl.cc/aGDnzZ). For more information, please visit our website or see attached posters.

 May all of you be blessed with peace and good health.