Halyna Lopushanska

Position: Professor, Differential Equations Department

Scientific degree: Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Academic status: Professor

Research interests

Border tasks for equations with partial and fractional derivatives in generalized functions of D-type space.



1994 – “Elementary Theory of General Functions and Some of its Using”

1999 – “Differential Equations and Mathematic Physic Equations”

2002 – “Border Tasks in Generalized Functions Space”


Birth: 1st of  January, 1949, Zarvanytsya village, Terebovlya district, Ternopil region;

1971 – graduated from the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics at the Ivan Franko State University of Lviv;

1975 – PhD (the theme of candidate dissertation: “Generalization of Limit Tasks for Some Elliptic Systems and Second-Order Equations”;

1974-1977 – assistant of the Differential equations Department;

Since 1977 – docent of the Differential Equations Department;

2010 – Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. The theme of dissertation: “Elliptic and Parabolic Normal Boundary Problems in Generalized Functions Space”.