The Basics of Cryptography (Informatics)

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Department: discrete analysis and intelligent system



Laboratory works

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Course description

Purpose. Introduction to the basic concepts of elementary cryptography, mathematical approach to cryptography, classic symmetric and public-key cryptosystems, cryptographic tools and protocols.

Summary. Classical methods of cryptography and cryptanalysis are studied in the subject.

Mathematical foundations of cryptographic systems are examined. The following modern public-key cryptosystems are studied: RSA, Rabin system, ElGamal system, probability cipher. The cryptography protocols are considered: key exchange, digital signature, shared secret.

Objective. To learn the basic mathematical aspects of classical and modern cryptosystems. To become familiar with cryptanalysis elements and encryption public key cryptosystems.

As a result of this subject the student

  • Has to know: the main types of classic and modern cryptosystems, aspects of cryptanalysis and choosing a reliable cipher for the task of information security, the implementation algorithms of modern cryptosystems;
  • Has to be able: in practice apply the existing modern cryptosystems in software development, to analyze the safety of different cryptosystems.