Discrete Optimization (Informatics)

Type: For the student's choice

Department: discrete analysis and intelligent system



Laboratory works

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SemesterAmount of hoursGroupTeacher(s)

Course description

Aim. Studying the fundamental assumptions of the theory of discrete optimization, as well as methods and algorithms for solving discrete optimization problems.

Summary. The course contains the fundamental tenets of the theory and methods for solving discrete optimization problems. There are considered methods for solving integer linear programming and its application to solving specific types of problems. Also, there is considered the optimization problem on graphs, the problem of finding the optimal matching and coating; postman problem.

Target. Master the basic theoretical and practical aspects of discrete optimization problems. Become familiar with the mathematical apparatus used for solving discrete optimization problems.

As the result of studying course the student should:

  • know: formulation of the main types of discrete optimization, optimality conditions for different types of discrete optimization problems, the main methods of their solution.
  • be able to: identify the specific type of discrete optimization problem, be able to choose and apply the appropriate method for the solution of specific problems of discrete optimization.